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I am a Midlands based Professional, Freelance, Commercial, Corporate, Editorial & Advertsing Photographer, working across England and Wales, and I have a Photography Studio 8 minutes walk from a mainline railway station


I supply a wide range of photography to a variety of different sectors and organisations, as well creating images for individual creatives and talent, mainly across the Midlands, but also further afield for regular clients


I shoot photography for the following sectors: Advertising Agencies, Creative Agencies, Professional Services,Legal, NHS and Private Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Leisure, Marketing and Publishing Houses, NGO’s, National and Local Government organisations, TV and Film.


I photograph individuals for social media, including headshots, portraits, personal branding and provide actor and pefomer headshots both in the studio and on location and I also shoot dating profile photography

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I am always happy to take general enquiries about projects for photography and shoots without any obligation and can be contacted by calling 07720238997  or by sending a text or WhatsApp message,  or by email on







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Staffordshire portrait photographer Paul Pickard


Most portraits are taken on a level with your subject, where the camera lens aligns perfectly with the subject’s eyes.

And while this is a good idea in most situations, if you want to spice things up, I recommend completely changing the angle you shoot from.

For instance, you can get up high and shoot down on your subject from above

Here, you have several different options. You can ask your subject to lie down on the ground and then simply point your camera downward (this works well when shooting in the studio or on clean ground, but it’s not something you can try when photographing in a lake!). You can also find a nice vantage point, like a balcony or even a roof, then ask your subject to look up. And if you’re really focused on getting that overhead shot, you can bring a step stool or ladder with you out into the field.

Another great angle for portrait photography:

Get down low and shoot up. You’ll make your subject appear strong and powerful (and you’ll make the viewer feel small .

Obviously, different angles are more appropriate for certain image types; business executives will appreciate the power of a low-angle portrait, but they probably won’t want to be shot lying in the grass. So pay careful attention to your subject and surroundings, then pick angles that complement the scene

Ask your subject to focus on something outside the frame (a tree off to the left, a house off to the right, etc.). This can create a feeling of candidness, plus it can create a little intrigue and interest; the viewer of the shot will wonder what the subject is looking at, which will cause them to engage further with the image.

As for lighting direction: Front light is best avoided, because it tends to produce very flat, bland images. Instead, for good portraits, I’d recommend sidelight, which will add three dimensionality and create mood. I’d also recommend backlighting, which can create plenty of mystery.

Portrait photographers love  props  – and for good reason. Props can add a sense of story and place to an image, they can help your subject feel more at ease, they can add interest, colour, and texture…the list goes on.

So don’t be afraid to bring a handful of props to your portrait photoshoot. Then give your subjects the ones that seem to fit with the scene and/or their personality, and get photographing!

A warning, however: Don’t let the props overwhelm your main subject. The goal is to photograph the model with the props as an accent, not the other way around. If you use too many props, or your props become distracting (either visually or more generally), it’s time to toss the props and get back to basics.


The portrait photographer is responsible for taking pictures of their subject(s). Portrait photographers find the best background/location with the correct lighting for their portrait photographs. Most portrait photographers also provide their subjects with posing tips. They also edit and print the photos to give to their clients.



A common duty for the portrait photographer is to find a location for the background in the portrait photograph.

The photographer can choose to shoot their portrait photograph within a studio or they can choose to find a location outside of a studio through location scouting.

A popular choice within portrait photography is a plain background within a studio setting. This is ideal for most traditional portrait photographers because it allows them to isolate their subject and eliminate any distracting background elements.

The other option is to find a location outside of a studio.

By photographing outside of a studio, the photographer can introduce creative elements that can help reflect the character and personality of their subject, allowing the viewer to get a better sense of the person within the photograph.

Whichever location the photographer chooses, they always ensure to have the main focus be on their subject and not the background/location.



Lighting a portrait photograph is one of the most crucial aspects of portrait photography as different lighting setups can create a whole different attitude/emotion of the portrait.

Most portrait photographers do not rely on the camera’s built-in flash and instead either use natural light or studio lights and reflectors.

If the photographer is shooting within a studio, he/she may use a combination of reflectors paired with out of camera lights to illuminate the model.

If studio lighting is not available or that is not their style, they may opt for a naturally lit portrait photograph. If this is the case, the portrait photographer relies on the natural light of the sun.

This requires greater knowledge of daylight timing and body positioning in order to produce effective natural light portrait photography and if performed correctly, can produce beautiful portraits.

I still carry a recognised Press card today although my work these days is very much concentrated on planned commercial photoshoots both in the studio and on location


As well as shooting to promote businesses and individuals I also provide a portfolio images for online dating websites - a discrete service to help boost opportunities for people to connect with others, in the best possible light



Lighting & Equipment


As well as having a permanent photography studio I also have portable battery powered studio lighting + backdrops that can be transported to any location without the need for any electricity on site

Contacting me 


I am always happy to take general enquiries about projects for photography and shoots without any obligation and can be contacted by calling  or by sending a text or WhatsApp message,  or by email on 

My business clients include both the creative and professional services sectors, ad agencies, local government, publications, healthcare and science, legal services, construction, education, charities, NGO's, design and PR agencies and marketing companies 

As well as having a town-centre based studio I also have portable studio lighting and backdrops that can be taken to a location of your choice, this lighting does not require a local power source, enabling flexibility to shoot anywhere 

Some of the individuals I photograph include those requiring corporate or social media headshots and portraits for LinkedIn, entrepreneurs and new business start-ups looking for content to boost their social media presence. I also shoot photography for actors dancers and musicians who require images for Spotlight, StarNow or Instagram profiles, and model portfolio photography in both the studio and on location for models looking to join model agencies or improve on an existing portfolio

TEST SHOOTS ( models & actors )

I set aside time each month for test shoots ( no cost shoots ) for new models and actors to achieve, free of cost, new images for their portfolios, as I try out new lighting equipment and ideas in the studio - for consideration for one of these shoots please send a recent full length picture via WhatsApp or your Instagram profile




Dance Photography 


Corporate Headshots


Photojournalism Galleries


I now also shoot discreet dating website photography to help give your profile an extra boost  link


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Staffordshire Commercial Photographer Staffordshire Professional Photographer Staffordshire Freelance Photographer Staffordshire Portrait Photographer

Welcome to Paul Pickard photography - a versatile and affordable photography service, supplying business and individuals with high quality images.

Please call, message or email to discuss your project or ideas so we can work together to arrange your professional photoshoot


**I can now bring my portable studio to a location of your choice - no power source is required**




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**Paul Pickard Photography offers a versatile, affordable, professional photography service, supplying a wide range of photography to a variety of clients, including: corporate and actor headshots, commercial photography, studio and location portraiture, lifestyle photography, marketing, PR & fashion photography and editorial images 


To discuss your project or ideas please call or text on  or email me to obtain a quote or chat about your requirements

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Environmental portraits typically show the subject in their natural environment. They are different from traditional portraits in that they tend to show more of the character of the subject, rather than just the subject in front of a neutral background. Most people, unless they are professional models  tend to stiffen up in front of the camera. Because your subject is in his or her natural environment, they tend to be more relaxed, resulting in better facial expressions and body language.

Environmental portraiture is the practice of capturing an image of someone in their natural environment; this could be where they work, live or perhaps even where they like to unwind.

Environmental portraits, sometimes referred to as workplace portraits, are images that show a subject in their workplace, usually undertaking their profession. These are different from your typical corporate portraits in that they generally show the person doing their work in the typical environment where this takes place, as opposed to just a plain headshot. Environmental portraiture is also very different from lifestyle portraits, which usually aim to capture people doing everyday tasks in their everyday environments.

Environmental portrait photography uses the background of the image and the pose to tell something about the subject. For example, you might show a chef in their kitchen. Or you could photograph a ballet dancer in the studio. But it doesn't just have to be where they work, live or play, it can be any place that interests a subject or tells their story. You might use an unknown location and lighting to provide context about the subject in the image, showing the viewer their personality and lifestyle.

An environmental portrait is a portrait executed in the subject's usual environment, for example their home or workplace, and typically illuminates the subject's life and surroundings. The term is most frequently used of a genre of photography.

Two good rules of thumb when attempting to photograph people in their surroundings:

1. "Half of all location photography is moving furniture."

2. "'Available light' means any light that's available."

Both sayings have been attributed to the great location portraitist Arnold Newman. More importantly, each can help spell the difference between a good environmental portrait and a great one.

Environmental portraiture, or  environmental portrait photography , is the practice of taking a photo of a person shown in their natural environment. In other words, you will not be using a blank or a white and/or neutral background for shooting the portrait.

As in the example given earlier, the subject will be shown surrounded by objects or symbols that you can relate with their natural environment. For a teacher, it can be a shot inside the classroom while they talk to their students. For a dancer, it can be a dance or ballet studio during a show or rehearsals. A politician can be depicted as an influential person by taking a photo of them inside their office, with books (or journals, or whatever you call them) or papers (bills or laws they passed).

Since your subject is in their natural environment, they will feel more relaxed and confident. There will be less (or none at all) stiffness once the camera clicks. It’s as natural as natural can get. When you do environmental portrait photography, you veer away from studio shots.


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