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Co Corporate Portraits and Business Headshots

Studio or Location

I shoot business headshots and corporate portraits across the Midlands for use on company websites and social media like LinkedIn.

I can bring my studio lighting into your place of work or home office with minimal fuss and maximum impact, or if you are an individual you might like to visit my studio   


For availability and a quote please call , text or WhatsApp Paul on 077202 38997 or email

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Paul Pickard Photography

Paul shoots business portraits across the West Midlands and Birmingham commercial photography in Staffordshire, Shropshire and the Midlands and portrait photography across the West Midlands and North West

Paul Pickard Photography has been established for ten years and has a reputation for supplying high quality images to a wide range of clients in the private, public and third sectors as well as individuals and organisations.

Paul Pickard is a former award winning photojournalist who transferred his skills across to the corporate photography and commercial photography sectors

Corporate portrait photography in Birmingham can enhance the professional appeal of your business or organisation by showing potential and existing clients your attention to detail and the professional manner in which your company goes about its business

I develop different contemporary and traditional style business headshots and corporate portraits to suit the needs of the business or organisation in Birmingham, the West Midlands and Staffordshire.

Most of my Birmingham corporate photography commissions are taken in clients offices so staff do no need to spend much time away from their desks or work

The following are types of Birmingham or West Midlands photography styles:


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Over the last few years we have been promoting the importance of your LinkedIn profile photo. It is still fairly common to see business people using family photos or badly taken portraits on their LinkedIn profile page. There is a misconception that because it is quick and easy to change your photo on LinkedIn, any digital pic to hand will do for the time being. Clients will spend hours preparing their LinkedIn profile description and listing their business achievements, forgetting that the first thing potential clients look at when reaching their LinkedIn profile page is their headshot. As we provide a professional LinkedIn photographer service we always suggest that clients give their profile photo some thought and extend their marketing budget to include a commissioned LinkedIn headshot. Before hiring a portrait photographer you need to decide on what image you want to put across on LinkedIn and take in consideration your business and your professional personality. There are three main styles you can select from. The first is a photography studio style which uses professional lighting. This means you can commission a photographer whose portfolio you prefer and they will shoot your portrait using studio lighting with a plain background at your offices. This allows you to have plenty of control over your headshot and will result in a formal and traditional portrait.  

The second option is to capture your LinkedIn headshot in a less staged and more contemporary style. This is the sort of commissions we get asked to do and it involves a photographer visiting your place of business and including elements of your company and surroundings in the LinkedIn photos. We find this results in a more relaxed and natural style of headshot which although professional makes the person look more approachable and engaging.

 The third option is similar to the second option ie the photographer comes to you, but instead of a formal to camera pose you can be photographed looking off camera as if you are in working mode and almost unaware that you are having your portrait taken. This style of corporate portrait photography is becoming very popular as the portraits look completely unposed and the subject finds the whole process less staged .


















































































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